Garvin Planning Co.  

Outsourced Fee-Only Financial Planning 



"What would you do if you had an extra few hours in your day?"

"Focus on growing your business, let me take care of everything else" 

"Your personalized Right hand man for your business"




Hello, my name is Jim, I am the founder of Garvin Planning Co.

Growing up in the Youngstown, Ohio area, I was taught at an early age to appreciate the value of the dollar and a hard day's work. Throughout my college years, I had some wonderful mentors in my life who directed me in the right direction and instilled in me the entrepreneurial spirit. This led to me studying finance and graduating as a CFP candidate from Youngstown State University. 

Upon graduating, I began work as a small business consultant, working alongside small business owners to improve their cash flows, profitability, and to help them understand their customers a little better. I relate to the entrepreneurial spirit of small business owners, and enjoy working with them as a freelancer.

Several doors opened and I had the opportunity to move to Saint Louis Mo, where I began work as a financial advisor with Edward Jones. Over time as my experience grew I found a niche opportunity that existed with virtual Fee-Only RIA firms. 

On a personal note, I grew up in the BSA and obtained my Eagle Scout which laid my foundation for my adventurous character.  I am a big outdoorsman and traveler, and have a black lab named Daffodil. My favorite hobbies in the world are skiing, running, and scuba diving. Every free chance I get to be outside and enjoy nature, I take it! As a virtual business owner, I cherish my location independence and am in the process of working through my personal bucket list. 

     “Life is either an incredible adventure, or it is nothing at all.”